State Bank of Southwest Missouri

Officers & Staff


All Officers

W. Thomas Fowler, Jr. - President, CEO
  NMLS # 628208

Roger Terrill - Executive Vice President, Loan Officer
  NMLS # 627928

Donna Umlauf - Senior Vice President, CFO

Tom Fowler, III - Senior Vice President, Loan Officer
  NMLS # 628185

Jeff Dean - Senior Vice President, Loan Officer
  NMLS # 627947

Mike Sisney - Senior Vice President, Loan Officer, Trust Officer & Financial Services
  NMLS # 628156

Tammy Fulk - Senior Vice President, Loan Officer
  NMLS # 627877

Rachelle Bremer - Vice President, Loan Officer
  NMLS # 627918

Tara Faxon - Vice President, Loan Administration
  NMLS # 627903

Jared Scholz - Vice President, Operations

Tiffany Hackett - Operations Officer


Kristy Childers - Loan Assistant
  NMLS # 1120704

Ida Phillips - Loan Assistant
  NMLS # 1199979

Courtney Straub - Loan Assistant
  NMLS # 1151309

Susan Long - Loan Assistant
  NMLS # 1629565

Cindy Capps - Personal Bank Representative

Kristen Martin - Personal Bank Representative

Kyra Snavely - Personal Bank Representative

Jacob McGuire - Personal Bank Representative

Anthony Draisey - Accounting Assistant

Brenda Mings - Administrative Assistant

Robin Hall - Administrative Assistant, Financial Services

Brittany Schultz - Teller

Nicole Sanders - Teller

Scott Wichmer - Teller

Austin Fridley - Teller

Megan Walker - Teller

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