State Bank of Southwest Missouri

Fee Schedule

 ATM and Debit Cards
Replacement Debit Card  $5 per card
Transfund Surcharge Free ATMs   WAIVED
Out-of-Network ATM Fee $1.25 plus any fees charged by ATM owner
Expedited Debit Card Replacement $75 per card

Checking Accounts
Overdraft/NSF (per item)    $30
Stop Payment  $25
Automatic Overdraft Transfer from linked account   $5 per transfer (fee not charged on linked Lines of Credit)
Check Printing       Varies – depends on style of check ordered
Non-Customer Check Cashing Fee  $10.00 for checks over $2,500

Safe Deposit Boxes
3x5  $15 per year
5x5 $25 per year
3x10 $30 per year
5x10 $40 per year
5x15 $50 per year
10x10 $75 per year

Safe Deposit Box – Lost Keys or Redrilling  $100.00 per locksmith visit

Savings/Investor Accounts
Savings Account Excessive Usage 
(more than 6 withdrawals per cycle)
 $2 per item
Money Market Account Excessive Usage
(more than 6 withdrawals per cycle)
 $2 per item

Wire Transfer/ACH Services
Incoming Wire   $25 per wire
Outgoing Wire  $25 per wire
International Wire $45 per wire
ACH Transfer thru online banking  $3 per transfer
ACH Transfer (not thru online banking)  $10 per transfer


Other Services
Account Balancing (one hour minimum)

$30 per hour

Account Research (one hour minimum) $30 per hour 
Cashiers Checks $5 per check
Official Checks $5 per check
Deposited Items Returned Unpaid $5 per item
Copy of Statement $2 per statement
Holding Statements for 3 months  $5 per statement
Print Temporary Checks/Deposit Ticket $2 for 10 items
Collections – Incoming or Outgoing $15 plus certified postage rate
Garnishment   $75 plus attorney’s fees
Levies  $75 plus attorney’s fees
Subpoenas/Summonses Appearance  $75 plus attorney’s fees
Reprint Lost Official Check (after 90 days from issuance) $25 plus indemnity bond
Account Status Letters from Bank   $25
Verification of Deposits/Audit Confirmations   $10
Duplicate Statement  $2 per statement
Online Banking Bill Pay  $6.95 per month

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